Description of organisation: Children First Foundation (CFF) in Albania, is a social-humanitarian, non-political, non-religious, non-profit organisation, created since 1999. The head office is located in Tirana, Albania and it operates without race, sexual, politic or religious discrimination, with fifteen years of experience in the Protection of Children’s Rights through their education, rehabilitation and formational programs in different areas of Albania.

Since 2008 our activities have covering also a part of Kosovo regions on coexistence between ethnic groups and through inclusive education and integration programs for the vulnerable people like children, youth and women. Children First Foundation’s activity and main objectives are to reduce the economic poverty of the Albanian children to integrate and to support as much as it is possible the children who need support and to introduce to the children and the communities how to struggle for their rights.

The main focus of CFF is to support communities in need through its programs.

Developing solutions, promoting people’s well being, enabling them to live in their homes and communities with dignity and independence.

The focuses of the foundation are children, youth, women, disadvantaged groups, minority groups and purpose of the foundation is economic development, educational development and cultural as well as environmental protection through their education.

Some History: Experience received from IRC

IRC (International Rescue Committee) has been working in Albania since 1998 when it provided essential aid during the first Kosovo refugee crisis. Although initial work was primarily direct refugee assistance, IRC’s work focus quickly turned to development projects aimed at meeting the basic needs of rural Albanians. Since 1999, IRC’s work has been focused in the areas of water and sanitation system implementation, health center and school rehabilitation, improvements to health and education services and community services provision, including strengthening capacities of local NGOs. IRC-Albania’s work always has been a community participatory approach including involving community members in planning, implementation and evaluation. The local staff of IRC with the experience received implementing the above mentioned projects was employed by a local NGO which was Children First foundation continued their work with development programs for Albania

Official status of the organisation (including the registration number and date):

NIPT J91808007C Tirana, Albania.

NGO Register number 5300 500-4

Fiscal number 600136510 Peje Kosovo

Location: Albania and Kosovo

Number of members: 20 persons

Number of full-time employees:  7 persons

Financing  sources of the organization:

  • IRC (International Rescue Committee)
  • Children First Australia,
  • AECID (Agenzia Espanola per la Cooperation International)
  • RESCATE (Spanish NGO)
  • UNHCR Albania
  • REC (Regional Environmental Center)
  • UNDP-Albania
  • Albanian Education Network
  • PIN (People in need)

 Description of the key activities of the organisation:  

  • Provide technical and financial assistance for schools and kindergarten rehabilitation
  • Provide extracurricular programs for illiterate children and children of the street
  • Environmental education  activities and concrete action to improve  air/ life quality
  • Conflict resolution and promotion of  multi ethnic co-existence
  • Education and professional training for women, men, and youth
  • Capacity building for Local Government
  • Psychological assistance and social integration of disabled children
  • Health services