The feast of trainees in Ludoteca Center after the completion of tailor course
The distribution of the sewing machine & tool kit
The distribution of the certificates for the second group of trainees
The second groups successfully completed courses
International Day of Peace
The distribution of leaflets with awareness messages
Business Training & Focus groups with trainees
Youth International Day. Activities with youth from different ethnities
CFF collaboration with Red Cross in workshop with women
The distribution of the certificates for the first group of trainees
Meeting with representatives of PIN (People in need)
Together with the children we celebrated the feast of June 1
Cultural exchange and traditional foods for the feast of March 8
The first groups successfully completed course
Aid distribution for People in Need
“New Year Eve”, ADRA Albania
“Inclusive Education and Integration in Kosovo”, USAID project
“Inclusive Education in Kosovo”, Czech Republic and PIN project
“Asnje femije i lene menjane”, SOROS project
“Together with Roma and Egyptian community for a clean and healthy environment”, Democracy Small Grand project
“Every Child is Unique, Each Special is Beautiful”, Syri Vizion project
“Peace Building in Kosovo”, AECID and RESCATE project
“School Regeneration Program”, AECID and RESCATE project