2.“Peace building in Kosovo”

The 24 month project “Peace building in Kosovo” (Sep’08- Sep’10)was preceded by a six months identification phase which started in September 2007.

The project in being implemented in Istog where are living different ethnic groups.The goal of the project is to create a peaceful and stable framework (which makes feasible a prevention of conflicts) in Istog Community,through the protection of Vulnerable People (especially Children with Special Needs).

Part of the project consisted in the construction of a center named Ludoteca which is designed for several activities with children from Serbian, Bosnian,  Albanian  and  RAE  communities;  using  different approaches,Ludoteca will offer special services for children in need (from different ethnic groups) in this area such as: psychological assistance for traumatized children and rehabilitative activities for children with disabilities. A personal file collecting data on children clinical history and progress will be created and an Individual Education Plan will be elaborated for all beneficiaries of Ludoteca services. A minibus called Ludobus is travelling all over Istog are aorganizing activities in the villages with children who for different reasons can’t benefit from Ludoteca. Beside this awareness activities to promote coexistence between Serbian, Bosnian,Albanian and RAE communities are being implemented during the project. CFF is organizing trainings for teachers, social workers, parents and students designed and conducted by experts in the field of conflict resolution, coexistence and children rights. Sportive activities, roleplays and exhibitions will support the elaboration of the messages delivered during training sessions. Radio and TVspot campaigns leaflets and posters will involve all the community of Istog during the project.

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