7.Improving Social Security in Communities

Funded by SSSRS / UNDP in phases (Mar-June’05 and Nov’05-Feb’06) Children First foundation implemented a project “Improving social security in communities” that aimed to establish connection and good relation between school, police and other community members and implement Community Based Policing.

The project was implemented in 6 schools in Durres, Kavaja, Kruja, Fushe Kruja. The project was followed by a second phase in three big communes (with many social problems related to internal migration of the population) of Tirana city respectively in Kamez, Babrru and Bathore.

Under SSSRS objective CFF designed an Education Awareness Campaign, which purpose was to establish partnership and collaboration between police and communities in order to increase community awareness and promoting human security through school-based interventions. For this reason CFF created work group in each of the project schools with the participation of students’ teachers’ community members and police officers. These work groups was trained to address security issues involving school community and organized activities on children rights, violence, gender balance, blood flooding phenomena etc.

Through this project more than 50.000 community members received information about the above mentioned issues.

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