9. Vocational Training

“Vocational Training” project (Jan’-Dec’03) was a collaboration between CFF and UNCHR that aimed to help and facilitate remained Kosovo refugees and asylum seekers in the difficult process of integration in the Albanian society. For this purpose CFF designed a formative approach that provided them with the necessary social and professional skills to achieve self-sufficiency.

The training program offered was tailor-made for this group of beneficiaries  that consisted in a wide range of persons with different formative and working backgrounds. 16 men’s and 4 women’s beneficiaries of the project received personal orientation and consultancy during all period of implementation.

Training session was inclusive of: classroom teaching of basic skills, on job training, tool kit delivery to each trainee, the development of skills and job searching strategies and job placement. At the end of the project 75% of the beneficiaries were employed.

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